Our Vision:

To share our vision, we need to communicate some information:

We have been praying about a very specific Vision for this out reach. My heart is for all of us to examine our relationships to see how genuine they are with our friends, family and the new people we meet every day. Heidi is finishing a Religious Studies degree at UNC and has learned of some very troubling things going on in relationships across many cultures, around the world and not just in the United States.

For example, almost 27% of adults all over the world, all ages, are living alone and like it that way. It has become easy to live alone because of technology and the way cities are building complexes that include everything needed; sometimes in the same building or very close by. Adults are making superficial relationships at coffee shops and finding what they believe to be true friends; on Online Websites and through their smart phones. One pastor I know said, he has people he personally knows that won’t pick up their phone when called but will immediately respond to a text or email.

The researchers have coined a couple new terms to identify some of these cultural changes. One term known as a “Pure Relationship” refers to a situation where a social relationship is entered into for its own sake, for what can be derived by each person from a sustained association with another, and which continues only so far as it is thought by both parties to deliver enough satisfactions for each individual to stay within it. (You may recognize it as Friends with Benefits)

Another term is known as ‘LAT” which is an acronym for Living Apart Together. The LAT is an alternative intimate relationship in which both members of the couple continue to live in their one-person households and intermittently share their household with one another. Basically they have no real commitment to each other by living apart so they do not have to deal with the day-today issues of learning how to actually live with someone.

The relationship that is most troubling to me is what my daughter has coined as “Screen Courage”. Do you have it? Basically, Screen Courage is primarily communicating online with so-called friends or via text on a smart phone so you don’t have to really be a friend or want to avoid a conflict. Some people do not have the courage to go face to face because they may be asked to be there for someone when they need help or to be a true friend. I personally wonder how many online friends would come help you at 3 in the morning when your car broke down, or when you really needed some help with a hard situation.

We have seen too many young people reach out on these online social networks to their “friends” and end up dead from suicide or over dosing from drugs. And yes, I am talking about church going people. This has to change!!

So this is where our vision comes in. We want to be there for people in good times and bad. We want to show up when they need help or just give an encouraging word to get through the day. And yes, we want to lay hands on and pray for those so the Lord can change their life, their situation and their relationships. This is a hands-on, face to face fellowship that we want to grow in and teach others to do.


Bottom Line

“We can Be Spirit Filled and Spirit Led Believers who hear from the Lord and make a difference in the Kingdom and in the World. Our vision is to encourage and empower people to experience a powerful Christian walk by creating an environment where the Lord speaks so that lives are changed; people are healed spiritually, emotionally, physically and, learn how to duplicate themselves.”


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